Umbrella Insurance

You have gained your assets through a lot of hard work; it makes good sense to protect them.

Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance is an added protection above your current liability limits. Liability is what you are responsible for in the case of an accident of any kind. You can think of Umbrella Insurance as a back-up insurance plan, since it only begins once your other policy limits have been spent. You receive a certain amount of liability insurance with your homeowners and automobile policies. But if an accident occurs that is your fault, the amount you owe for negligence could exceed your limit of liability insurance from your current policies. Umbrella insurance is designed to protect you beyond those limits. Talk to a TAMRAC Insurance Group associate today to learn more about Umbrella Insurance and ask if it is a good choice for you.

Insurance Agent with Umbrella Protecting from Rain in Urban Outdoor Setting, Risk Assessment and Anlysis